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Title: Maximal bite force and its association with temporomandibular disorders
Authors: Cenci, Tatiana Pereira
Pereira, Luciano José
Cenci, Maximiliano Sérgio
Bonachela, Wellington Cardoso
Del Bel Cury, Altair Antoninha
Abstract: Individuals with temporomandibular disorders (TMD) are expected to have decreased maximum bite forces (MBF). This way, this study compared the MBF in subjects with TMD to a control group and also evaluated its association with age, gender, height and weight. Forty healthy adults with complete natural dentition divided into four groups according to gender and presence or absence of TMD signs/symptoms (based on the Research Diagnostic Criteria – RDC) underwent a MBF test with a gnathodynamometer in molar and incisal areas. Statistical analysis was performed by ANOVA and Student-Newman-Keuls test (p=0.05), and the relationship between age, gender, weight, height and MBF was verified by Pearson’s correlation test. There were no differences in MBF results between TMD and control groups (p>0.05). Female subjects exhibited lower MBF than male and MBF for the anterior area was lower than that for posterior area (p<0.05). Significant correlation was found between MBF and weight in TMD subjects (p<0.05), except for the anterior area in female subjects. There was a positive correlation between MBF and height in TMD male subjects (p<0.05). Within the limitations of this study, it is possible to conclude that bite force was not affected by TMD. Correlation between MBF and weight in TMD subjects and between MBF and height in TMD male subjects was observed.
Keywords: Maximal bite force
Temporomandibular disorders
Publisher: Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto
Citation: PEREIRA-CENCI, Tatiana ; PEREIRA, Luciano José ; CENCI, Maximiliano Sérgio ; BONACHELA, Wellington Cardoso ; DEL BEL CURY, Altair Antoninha . Maximal bite force and its association with temporomandibular disorders. Brazilian Dental Journal, v. 18, p. 65-68, 2007.
Issue Date: 2007
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