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Tipo: Article
Título: A audiodescrição aplicada aos quadrinhos: em busca da educação inclusiva
Autor(es): Vergara-Nunes, Elton Luis
Busarello, Raul Inácio
Abstract: An accessible environment should enable both deaf and non-deaf people to learn equally. Even if Brazil uses bilingual education, the ideal for learning of that individual is to emphasize visual aspects of learning environments. Considering the use of narratives as a tool for generating knowledge in hypermedia environments, it appears that non-linearity allows the student to define and control the process of browsing and reading data. The comics present these characteristics as they are formed by images of sequential frames which are interconnected, enabling greater integration of content with the imagination of the reader, allowing them to impose their own rhythm of reading and therefore learning. The aim of this paper is to present the preliminary results of a systematic search on an interdisciplinary basis, about the use of comics as a tool for inclusive education, with emphasis on learning for deaf people.
Palavras-chave: Comics
Audio description
Editor: WCCA
Citação: VERGARA-NUNES, Elton ; BUSARELLO, R. . A Audiodescrição Aplicada aos Quadrinhos: em busca da Educação Inclusiva. In: IV World Congress on Communication and Arts - WCCA'2011, 2011, São Paulo. WCCA 2011 - IV World Congress on Communication and Arts. São Paulo: COPEC - Science and Education Research Council, 2011. v. 1. p. 237-241.
Data do documento: Abr-2011
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